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Outdoor Lighting

Lighting open spaces can provide additional security and convenience to your home, business, roadway, or anywhere else it is needed. Customers who want to add a light to their property should call 1.877.816.7247.

open bottom security light

Open Bottom Security Light

A circular light pattern centered on the pole makes this fixture suitable for general residential use, security areas, storage yards, and loading/receiving areas. These lights are normally mounted on three-foot arms. The 150-watt unit is our most highly recommended for value and versatility.

Tariff Description Output (lumens) Cost*
15055 Watt LED6270$6.62
enclosed security light

Enclosed Security Light

Designed to cast an elongated light pattern primarily on one side of the pole. Ideal for roadways, parking lots, shopping centers, and apartment complexes. With the six-foot upswept arm, the pole can be set out of the way of vehicles, and the wide light pattern allows for greater roadway spacing. An enclosed lamp provides protection from vandalism.

Tariff Description Output (lumens) Cost*
098400 Watt HPS50,000$19.78
exposed downed power line with woman and child in background


Aim these directional fixtures to project light where needed, including industrial sites, auto dealerships, storage areas, shopping centers, parking lots, entranceways, recreational areas, and other locations where dusk-to-dawn security lights may not fit requirements. Metal Halide (MH) lamps are ideal for commercial applications since their excellent color rendition calls attention to storefronts, automobiles and advertisements.

Tariff Description Output (lumens) Cost*
107200 Watt HPS22,000$14.38
109400 Watt HPS50,000$21.00
110250 Watt MH20,500$17.45
116400 Watt MH36,000$21.98
exposed downed power line with woman and child in background

Post Top Light

Both ornamental and functional, these stylish lamps are mounted on 14-foot posts and add a nice touch to residential streets, office complexes, campuses, parks and hotels. Typically used on walkways, energy-efficient 100-watt lamps and diffuser panels produce a low-glare illumination centered on the post.

Tariff Description Output (lumens) Cost*
111100 Watt HPS9500$16.42

Kentucky Power will provide and mount a light on an existing pole with open truck access from a driveway or roadway.

* Costs are before taxes and any possible facility charges for installation

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