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Installing Generating Equipment

Electric Generating Equipment Considerations

Let us help you safely connect your electric generating equipment system with our electrical system.

To avoid property damage or personal injury, make sure you have properly isolated your home from our system before connecting portable generators for back-up or emergency power.

If you’re installing a permanent electric generating equipment such as solar or wind, or if you are installing an energy storage technology, state regulations subject all such systems operating in parallel with ours to be reviewed and approved.

Installing permanent alternative energy fueled generating equipment may qualify you for our Net Metering Service, where electricity generated is used to offset part or all of your electricity needs.

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Additional Information About Interconnecting Your Generating Equipment System

How to Apply For Interconnection Service

Before you install your solar panels, wind turbines or other distributed energy resources, and before you connect to our grid, you'll need to submit an interconnection service application. Once approved, you can install the system, and following a successful inspection of your equipment, you'll submit a signed agreement with us that governs the arrangement.

Check out our Quick-Start Guide for an overview of our application process and what to expect once your equipment is connected to our system. You’ll also find excellent resources for technical information as well as updated and relevant regulatory announcements on our Installing Generating Equipment page.

Read our Interconnection Quick Start Guide and customer packet to learn more about the interconnection process. Contractors looking for the full technical specs and regulatory requirements can download the Installation Guide for all the details.

Apply for interconnection

For more details, download our Customer Interconnection Guide or contact our Distributed Generation Coordinator at:

Distributed Generation Coordinator
1 Riverside Plaza
Columbus, Ohio 43215
Phone: 614.716.2080
Email: dgsupport@aep.com

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