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Power Line Safety


Safety around power lines follows a simple rule: stay away. Whether the lines are above ground or below ground, keep yourself and equipment like ladders, scaffolding and long tools – at least 10 feet away.

  • Refuel heaters, lamps and generators outside, and away from any flames or sparks. Wipe up fuel spills immediately.
  • Treat all power lines, telephone lines and cable lines as a live wire.
  • Use clean, dry, wooden or fiberglass ladders and keep them 10 feet from power lines.
  • If you are in a car when a power line falls on it, the car will channel electricity around you so you won’t get hurt. Get help by honking the horn, yelling out the window, or using a mobile phone. Tell passersby not to come near the vehicle.
  • If you have to exit a vehicle that is touching a power line, jump out of the car with both feet touching, and landing with both feet together to avoid getting shocked. Shuffle away from the vehicle, with both feet touching.

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